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Procedures For Changing Games

All requests for game changes need to be made at least a week in advance.

Time Changes:  All time change requests for home games are handled internally through Nick Edmond,  our field scheduler and Scott Bodolosky, our referee assignor.  We have specific game times set (generally Saturdays are 10/12/2/4 and Sundays are 11/1/3).  Referees are set up in crews to work multiple games on a given day.  Fields are set up so multiple games can be played on each as well.  When time change requests are made, the new times have to fit within the current schedule of both fields and crews.  

Date Changes:  All date change requests for home games are handled through the state (GYSA) Age Group Coordinator (AGC).  First step is to contact Nick Edmond to see if specific dates are available and what times the game could possibly be played.  Second step is to have a written (email) agreement with the visiting team for the time and date Nick has given you.  Third step is to email your request to the AGC with the written agreement between the two teams.  If approved, the AGC will change the date of the game in the GYSA system.  Fourth step is to notify Nick that the ACG has officially approved the change and has changed the date in the system.  Nick will then assign the time and field and notify the referee assignor of the change.

Procedures for adding new player to the roster:

Each new player must submit a completed, notarized GYSA Medical Release Form along with a copy of their birth certificate to the manager.  The medical releases can be collected and turned in to the office to get notarized or you can have them notarized elsewhere.  **Any players who are residents of South Carolina must also submit a completed Interstate Permission Form along with a $10 check.

USYSA Medical Release Form

Interstate Permission Form

Mandatory Paperwork for all Games and Tournaments

Once all the players are properly registered you will need to keep a notebook with the following documents with the team for all games and tournaments:

Official Team Roster
All laminated player cards (with picture)
All player GYSA Medical Release Forms
All player birth certificates

Procedures for Printing Game Day Lineup Card and Rescheduling
GYSA Game Day Lineup

Procedures for GYSA Club Pass System

GYSA Club Pass

Procedures for Notification of Travel

GYSA Notification of Travel

Uniform Ordering Procedures

Eurosport - SOCCER.COM is the official uniform supplier of the Arsenal.

Once the team roster is completed, the manager and coach are responsible for assigning player's numbers. Jersey #1 is available for the goalkeeper; field players may choose from #2-#39.  Once all players have numbers assigned, please forward a copy of the player's name, number and email address to the club director.  The director will send all information to Eurosport and Eurosport will then contact the parent directly with ordering instructions.  

All players are required to have two complete uniform packages, one all white and one all blue.  Additional items will be available for sale on the Club Page.

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